“Aqueous Transferrence” #PoeticInJustice

Aqueous Transference

Once an overbearing dictator,

Now a haphazard mayor,

The vapor is losing,

It’s power in prayer.

Dissipation is all I have left,

I cling to it much like life,

Hoping the vapor,

Recedes its strife.

“Save me from myself,

I have fallen from whole,”

Cries the vapor,

From which I used to goal.

I reach out time and time again,

Keeping the vapor handy,

If only to remind me,

That life is really liquid candy.

I have become water,

And as vapor’s nearly gone,

I still hope it transpires,

Before I pass on.

When I’m done being aqua,

I hope to try vapor once more.

It feels right in my atoms,

And always an element of my core.

-Jamie (@GuyOnAWire)


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