Isolated in a World Full of Lonely People

Dedicated to Wes.

I just found out that I lost a friend I had grown to know very well over the past three years to suicide. We worked together on a few shorts in Maine and he always seemed happy (well, as much as any of us anyway). He had recently been taking care of himself; eating right, working out, and working towards his goals. But in the end, his thoughts were too much for him to contain and he took action albeit in the wrong direction.

I’m devastated not only because we lost him but sad that we feel so isolated in a world full of lonely people. If only we could get together more, talk more frequently, and learn to break away from feeling ashamed to reach out then this wouldn’t happen as often as it does.

The key to all of this is to surround yourself in the best possible life you can manage for yourself, strive to always make it better, and know that when sadness strikes – and it always will – know too, that it will pass.

And then again, that’s my take on it. We each have our own methods to battling depression but it’s always good to hear each others’ tactics.

So on that note; to ANYONE out there who is feeling these thoughts, message someone you love. If you have no one, then you have at least me. I’ll be open to anybody who wants to talk. I won’t judge, I won’t nag, I’ll listen.

I’ve been to the brink of death and I’ve come out a much better person. You can do it too.

And in lieu of telling me sorry for my loss, I encourage everybody to reach out to a friend with whom they haven’t spoken in a while and reconnect. They may need you at this very moment.

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite memories of Wes: Our interview with him for The Tale of the Three Brothers. (He’s in 8:34-11:34)


-Jamie (@GuyOnAWire)

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