50- “Earth Girls Are Easy” #52PickUp

For Number 50, I chose a film at the very last minute over one that I was unable to find for a reasonable price. That film is:


Earth Girls Are Easy! Originally, I had sought after this film during my obsession with Jim Carrey in the mid 90s (and sometimes I wish I hadn’t). The very first time I watched this, I remember being pleasantly surprised that Damon Wayans was also in the film, considering at the time I was watching the show on which both he and Carrey were featured: In Living Color. But as I revisited it now, I had no idea how awful this film really was.

From L to R-  Zeebo: Son of a bitch. Wiploc: I’m going to cry. Mac: Now now, guys, surely he didn’t mean that.

Sorry Jeff Goldblum alien, I meant it. Essentially, these aliens (from the planet Jhazzalan) are human-shaped Teletubbies.

What’s worse is that I didn’t remember the film’s 80s Musical vibe at all. Earth Girls was co-written and co-produced by, and co-starring Julie Brown, who been known for making music in this poppy genre (as this idea was based off a song (on one of her early CDs) called, you guessed it: “Earth Girls Are Easy.”

Aside from Jim Carrey, Jeff Goldblum, and Damon Wayan, the film stars Geena Davis as Valerie Gail (a thinly-veiled riff off Valley Girl) who is a plain jane ready to be married to a wealthy doctor played by Charles Rocket (SNL, Dumb and Dumber). But he’s having second thoughts; they haven’t bene physical for two weeks and when she’s supposed to be gone, he brings home this nurse with whom he’s been flirting for quite some time.

Of course, she actually underwent a makeover and wanted to surprise him, but it was he who provided all of the shocks.She kicks him out of her house and dumps him.

The next day aliens see her sunbathing and crash in her pool. Yup. She jumps in trying to swim through the ship, assuming it’s an hallucination, but instead knocks herself out. The aliens save her and bring her aboard.

She wears this bikini for at about three days of shooting.

She and her friend Candy shave the guys, and they look surprisingly human!


Valerie and Mac have mind-blowing interplanetary sex, and somehow her heart doesn’t stop, and they get into hilarious hijinks.

Okay, I’m bored talking about this movie. She still loves Ted and is ready to run away to Vegas to get hitched, but the aliens help her get over Doctor Ted, and she flies home with them to their home planet.

But not before the film features a shot of the famous Randy’s Donuts sign!


Where/ when did I first see it?

I found this in the mid-90s most likely on television somewhere, but it very well could have been from the Video Market.

How does it hold up?

It’s way worse than I remembered. To be honest, I didn’t remember much of it at all. I didn’t know it was a musical, and that the story is so bad. I guess I should have expected that with its low Rotten Tomatoes score of–


Okay, well the audience was only a 42%, it’s not like anyone loved it so much that they got a tattoo–

What is life?

What did I like about it and why?

I came for Jim Carrey, and really didn’t even care for him this time around. There were some mild amusements to be had from Jim and Damon, but I felt as though they were restrained and were unable to really let loose.

Jeff Goldblum and Geena Davis’ sexual tension was strong, and it’s due to the fact that they were dating at the time, and this was their third film together (after Transylvania 6-5000, and The Fly).

Lessons Learned?

  1. Let Jm Carrey and Damon Wayans loose.
  2. Note to self: Get Wiploc tattoo.
  3. Check to see if this is a bad musical before revisiting.


Where can you see it?

Check out Earth Girls Are Easy on CanIStream.It?

-Jamie (@GuyOnAWire)


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