29- The Spiciest Conversation of The Guest Yet!

We are insane! We BEGIN the podcast with trying some of the hottest salsa in all of the land, then we delve into our musically-oriented movies with special guest, Brian Mellgren! Brian has been a musical connoisseur for over two decades, and he proves it!


We Eat Salsa– (Starts at 00:00) If you don’t like crunching and chewing sounds, then skip this part!

August– Dogtooth (4:13) Then we talk Emojis for Classic Films!! (Million Dollah Sellah)

John– Blazing Saddles (17:16)

Brian– Groundhog Day (32:24)

Jamie– The Guest (46:14)

Naturally SPOILERS for each film ahead!

Each odd-numbered episode we talk specific films, and each even-numbered episode we discuss topics regarding Hollywood and the things we’re passionate about (either way).

Listen here.

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Do you have questions, suggested movies, or topics for us to discuss? E-mail us at  NotQuitePod@gmail.com

Visit Jamie’s blog at GuyOnAWire.

And visit John’s new blog (!!) at They Called Him Red.

See Brian on the streets of Maine!

And finally, see what Jamie looks like (hint: not so good) at his other project: We Need Movies.

-Jamie (@GuyOnAWire)

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