21- The All Horror Episode!

Episode 21- The All Horror/Thriller Episode!

In typical Not Quite Hollywood fashion, we didn’t plan to have all of our films (including our special guest, Brandon Doyen [from We Need Movies]) be in the horror genre of films, but it’s a happy accident nonetheless!


Brandon– Return of the Living Dead (Starts at 00:00)

John– Bone Tomahawk (10:26)

Jamie– The Invitation (17:38)

August– House [1977] (23:41)

Naturally SPOILERS for each film ahead!

Each odd-numbered episode we talk specific films, and each even-numbered episode we discuss topics regarding Hollywood and the things we’re passionate about (either way).

Listen here.

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Visit Jamie’s blog at GuyOnAWire.

And visit John’s new blog (!!) at They Called Him Red.

Watch Brandon and his movie reviews on WABI TV5 Bangor and Cinema Savvy here.

And finally, see what Jamie (and special guest Brandon!) look like (hint: not so good) at his other project: We Need Movies.

-Jamie (@GuyOnAWire)

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