The Force Awakens Spoiler Discussion

By now most of you have seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens. After this writing, I’ll be heading into my second showing. But I wanted to talk the story and the implications therein. So if you HAVE seen the movie please discuss below!

So from here on out… SPOILERS FOLLOW!

UPDATE after second viewing Below!

In my mind, this movie’s only issue is the overly nostalgic plot and pacing. Homages are one thing, but this movie–

Don’t you DARE speak ill of this movie!!

No, Tommy, I’m not speaking ill of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. In fact, I applaud J.J. Abrams and the entire crew (especially fellow writers Lawrence Kasdan and Michael Arndt [of which I am a big fan]) for achieving such a phenomenal task which was to prove that Star Wars can still be good.

My issue was to the extent that that proof had to be set. The film plays like a beat for beat copy of A New Hope. A stranded, young Jedi to be on a desert planet, removed from their true parents. Even to the point we have another Death Star to blow up in the third act (even with a weak point!).

Issues aside, it was a fantastic film, and I’m excited to see where it goes next which brings me to my next point…

Is Rey Luke’s daughter? I have a feeling that either it’s the worst kept twist for Episode VIII or it’s a clever ploy to lure us into thinking we can anticipate what will happen in that film. My theory is that it’s the former, or at the least, she’ll end up being Han and Leia’s daughter. It was the way they embraced each other upon returning from the Starkiller.

People say that Luke’s face in the last shot is that of a pained burden. Like he knows where this will lead and he’ll be forced to train Rey. However, to me, the look was that of confusion, like he actually didn’t know she was approaching. Maybe that’s just me, but it could very well be the result of his isolation.

And there’s more nostalgia and expected repeated story beats. You know damn well that Luke will be the Yoda to her… Luke in Episode VIII.

And that bridge scene, you knew Han was dead the moment the overhead shot revealed the deep shaft below. Just because of precedence.

Oh, and great twist making us believe Finn was the Jedi. Good on you, J.J.!

Okay, that’s all for now. I’ll be finding more when I see it again. Speaking of, I need to go!

UPDATE 3:00 PM– 

-I had meant to mention this earlier, but my theory on Snoake is that he is Yoda-size and only portrays himself to be larger than life for an intimidation factor.

What I noticed today:

The ship that left Rey on Jakku looks EXACTLY like the ship from the first gang that encounters Solo on his ship.

And I have a far-fetched theory that Finn could be Lando Calrissian’s son. That one’s probably not true. Okay that’s all for the updates.

-Jamie @GuyOnAWire


Jamie loves discussing movies, so please do just that either in the comments below, or on Twitter.

7 thoughts on “The Force Awakens Spoiler Discussion

  1. I cried. The film was beautiful and the twist (while I knew moments before) hit me like a knife in the heart but the film was amazing. I didn’t mind too much of the redoing new hope stuff ( I just hope the next ones are different) the only thing I missed was more Poe and Captain Phasma. He was my favorite character and she was so heavily marketed I was expecting more. Either way I loved it and will be seeing it a seconds and a third time very soon

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  2. Yeah I figure thats the plan. I think Phasma is supposed to be in Rouge One too. Probably as a teenager or something. I think she might be Lukes son. I hope she’s not Han and Leias cause the whole brother sister thing they already did. I’d rather it be none of them. I dont like the idea that strong force users all have to be from the same family tree.

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