59- #DLMChallenge “Sin City: A Dame to Kill For”

For #59 of the #DLMChallenge #365moviesin365days on April 10th I watched: Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.

I wasn’t a “fan” of the first film per se, but I did enjoy its aesthetic and film noir vibe. And this one felt like “too little too late,” as I didn’t remember much of the first one. Now to be fair, this movie did try to remind the audience of the past, and that sure helped.

I enjoyed myself with this film, especially when Eva Green was on-screen. She’s mesmerizing.

Main Crew:

Cinematographer: Robert Rodriguez (El mariachi, Planet Terror)

Based on the Graphic Novel by: Frank Miller (The Dark Knight Returns)

Written by: Frank Miller (Robocop 2, The Spirit)

Directed by: Frank Miller (Sin City, The Spirit)

& Robert Rodriguez (Machete Kills in Space, From Dusk Til Dawn)

Main Cast:

Mickey Rourke (Iron Man 2, Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man)

Josh Brolin (Avengers: Age of Ultron, No Country for Old Men)

Jessica Alba (Into the Blue, Entourage)

Eva Green (The Dreamers, 300: Rise of an Empire)

Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Snowden, HitRECord on TV)

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