Have We Become a Weaker Species?

I listen to this funny podcast called The GameOverGreggy show. Each week they each bring a topic to discuss leading to some Kinda Funny conversations.

While catching up on GameOverGreggy episodes, I came across a topic that got my gears turning. 

In the Dating and Twerking episode (Episode 47 [Part 4]) Nick (via Twitter of course) posited what was the next step in human evolution. Colin brought up some great points, such as that humans will become weaker as a species due to the fact that we now have machines to do more work then ever.

He also mentioned that we have become taller and larger due to the accessibility of abundant protein in our developed nation. I guess at this juncture I had never made the connection between protein and size.

So this got me thinking: Have we already become the weaker species that Colin mentioned but for a different reason? Let me explain.

I’ve noticed an interesting trend over the past twenty years. When i grew up, I watched a lot of television shows featuring teens both with 30-something teens in scripted form (the less credible) and shows like Guts with real pre-teens (but don’t tell any pedophiles).

My sister is six years older than me, so I watched her and her friends grow. In short, my understanding of a high school student was solidified.

That is, until I got to high school myself. My class, the class of 2003, looked far younger than my sister’s Class of 1997 counterparts.

Then as my younger brother who is three years removed graduated, the trend continued. Students began to look less like adults than ever before. As I continue to see graduating classes from my hometown (and otherwise), it seems to me that this is an alarming trend. My former step-daughter’s classmates looks shockingly young compared to what I perceived for that age.

My theory is that the lack of a well-balanced diet that those cereal commercials often spoke of, is not being adequately fulfilled and therefore many younger kids are getting more carbohydrates and sugar than anything of real value.

Of course this is all conjecture and undoubtedly there are other factors like perception of size in comparison to my smaller, younger body of yore, but it’s an idea.

What are your thoughts? Do you see the trend in your school systems? Do you think I’m full of shit? Tell me in the comments.

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