“Another Chance” -Dream Digitizer

Another dream I had last night came to me during today’s chores. It was about death and resurrection.

In this dream, I was going through the process of dying. Not actually dying mind you, but being transported to this hub.

In this hub I met hundreds of other transits as they lounged around, partying and relaxing as they awaited their next journey; think of it as an airport lounge.

As these people were ready to leave, they could go back to living. In the dream, I was under the assumption it was the same person but it probably was reincarnation.

For some reason, I was only allowed five minutes or so. They wouldn’t let me stay for long.

I felt a strong urge to return anyway. It was like I was being compelled to do something here on Earth. Who knows what any of that means? At any rate, this dream ended with the aforementioned nightmare of being lambasted on the behalf of Doug Loves Movies.

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