My #DigitalDetox Days

Starting Wednesday April 29th, 2015, I will try to take one day a week and detox from everything: any type of social media, internet, iPod, 3DS, and even cell phone. In other words, a total #DigitalDetox.

I’ve noticed that my habits of late have been obtruding in my creative avenues and I’ve been feeling sluggish because of it.

Not only that, but the #DLMChallenge has proved to drain my creative time because I am so far behind in the challenge.

First, there are three minor exceptions:

1. I can use my computer but ONLY to write screenplays, and no internet. I will disable my connection for the time being. That means no blog entries these days. 

2. My voice recorder can be used without issue to record my thoughts/ ideas.

3. I will check my phone for emergency purposes. Any texts or calls I receive that day will be documented and I will return them the following day.

What I will do with this time is very simple.

Read. Clean. Go for walks. But most importantly–

Be creative.

I challenge you all to do the same. Scrolling down on Facebook can be exhausting and only separate yourself from others.

Go and be social. In the right way.

Follow me on Twitter @GuyOnAWire. Just don’t expect me to be on certain days.

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