Dark Matter- “The Writer’s Mind”

The conception of “The Writer’s Mind” series began where most brilliant ideas start: The shower.

I work in a hospital kitchen and I typically do a certain task these days. Yet Friday, I had to do another job which I hadn’t done in quite some time. The task required me to pull a large cart around the main floors to stock their respective kitchens. This, coupled with my terrible shoes led to a sharp pain in my right ankle joint.

So in order to alleviate the pain, I popped a few ibuprofen and let the hot water engulf my sore ankle.

I zoned out, looking at my big toe. As I looked past it, the natural light from the window was all that I could see.

Here is where The Writer’s Mind awoke. My peripheral vision darkened vastly, so much that it felt like I was going blind. It’s as if my eyes were a camera lens, trying to focus on both the toe and past the toe simultaneously. The iris’ aperture went from F-Stop 4.4 to 11.0.

Also, it felt like my eyes were autonomously trying to correct the focus. It’s like a director in a live event (oh let’s just call him… Rodney) screaming to the camera operator: Focus! Focus! Focus! Hey, focus! What are you waiting for….?! And so Rodney pulls the focus from master control himself.

Then I thought: a lot of my great ideas (and those of many other writers), occur during times of darkened visibility. For example when laying in bed the moments before you sleep, in the shower with the water running down your face (or on your toes), and actually in your sleep.

There are many theories as to what dreams are, or what they mean. Some consider dreams a window into another dimension. Under this thought, my mind wandered into the sci-fi realm. What if that were true? Dreams were us “learning” from the other side. I mean how many times has “Sleeping on it” actually helped? Yeah, lots.

What if that other side was what we perceive in our universe as “Dark Matter?” Perhaps what they see in their dimension is “Light Matter;” an energy that binds the universe together, observable only in relation to its affect on the surrounding objects.

And what do we see as humans? Eyes only see light and how it reflects off of objects. We really don’t see anything, only how the light interacts with anythingSo what if the only way to see the other side, to gain knowledge that is otherwise inaccessible, is to “turn off” our ostensible vision?

What if the entire universe is a Ying and a Yang of both dimensions? In this theory, maybe their version of a black hole is a “light hole.” These event horizons could be portals to the other side.

See these are the limits of where my mind can go and why I felt compelled to share these with you readers.

I often wonder the unanswered questions in the universe and hope that one day, I and billions of others can learn the true nature of this wonderful existence we call home.


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