11- “Eraser” #52PickUp 2017

What’s a 90s era Schwarzenegger flick that has intense action, cheesy one-liners, high-quality actors playing dastardly villains, and a gorgeous sidekick?


You, sir, are disgusting. I did that film last year.

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6/5/16- Ep. 6 We Need Movies

This week (we cover two weeks) as Brandon went to Las Vegas! In this episode, he will mention nothing of the trip. BUT! We have lots of movie talk, including our picks for the best comic book movie sequels!

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This episode covers the week of May 24th-June 5th, 2016.

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7- Action Movies!

This week we discuss the action movies we chose:

Jamie- Last Action Hero (Starts at 00:00)

John- The Nice Guys (17:52)

August- Hard Boiled (33:45)

SPOILERS for each film, FYI!

Each odd-numbered episode we talk specific films, and each even-numbered episode we discuss topics regarding Hollywood and the things we’re passionate about (either way).

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