17- “Lake Placid” #52PickUp 2017

For this installment of #52PickUp, I delve into the fictional waters of Black Lake in Northern Maine to witness a killer croc, insults to Maine and its residents, and Betty White’s foul mouth.

Lake_I swear the movie is better than the poster
I swear the movie is better than this poster.

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“Independence Day: Resurgence” Hits All of My Interests

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 12.30.56 PM

****UPDATE 4/22/16– TRAILER #2****


Growing up I had been an immense fan of the movie Independence Day. The scale of the attack, the large talented cast, and the seamless blending of both types of special effects: CGI and Practical– All of this was what made this film so special (and lucrative), and what launched Roland Emmerich‘s career of blockbuster disaster movies. Whether that’s a good thing or not… I’ll let you decide.

So when I sat down to finally watch the trailer for the oft-delayed sequel Independence Day: Resurgence, I was taken back to my childhood. What I didn’t expect however, was the lore that they’ve constructed around the first movie.Read More »