Episode 1- We Need Movies

Here is our first episode for our Youtube show, We Need Movies! Watch as Brandon Doyen and Jamie Gagnon (me) discuss the week of film: movie releases, Dvd/Blu-ray purchases, News of the Week, and a special segment every week!

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 3.35.13 PM

This week’s special segment: Our Top 15 Movies of 2015; which are:Read More »

15- “Kingpin” #52PickUp

AsĀ Comedy Month continues on #52PickUp, I watch one of my favorite comedies from the Farrelly Brothers:


Kingpin. That’s right. If you’re debating the validity of this film in the Farrelly Brothers pantheon, then either A: You haven’t seen this; or B. You don’t remember their top-loaded “pantheon” as I do.

What’s with the pointing, anyway?Read More »