I’ve Completed the Third Draft of My Cancer Story

I’ve done it. After five painstaking months, I’ve completed the third draft of “Thank God for Cancer” (formerly My Cancer Story). If you’re a consistent reader of mine, you’ve likely noticed my absence from the blog. Now that I’m a Writer’s PA (first on Ratched, now on 9-1-1), finding free time is hard, especially when I was knee-deep into the hardest draft of any piece of written work I’ve attempted in my life.

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Fighting to Maintain Your Goals

Boy, it’s been a while, hasn’t it?

In fact, I hadn’t realized it had been five weeks since my last post until I sat down to write this cry for creative sanity. I’m not even certain how this post will do considering Facebook recently ruined the ability to hotlink automatically from WordPress.

Sure, I’ve been chipping away at the My Cancer Story rewrite when I’m able (the now vacant tentpole of this blog for two years), and I’ve been recording notes and elements for other projects (as I’m wont to do), but this past month has been one of the busiest ever let alone since I’ve moved to Los Angeles. I’m living my dream, but if I’m not too careful, I’ll tumble backward into someone else’s.

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Week Six Recap (Something Old, Something New)- #Whole60

This past weekend I bought new clothes. There is always a fear that any new threads I buy I’ll have to turn around and sell because I lose or gain weight (spoilers, it’s rarely because of weight loss).

Now, I find myself at an impasse between healthy living and an outdated wardrobe, and for the very first time, I need a smaller size. Well, okay, I could have purchased new clothes a year ago (My stuff is outdated).

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My Cancer Story Ch. 90 “Back to School”

Chapter 90: “Back to School”

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41 | 424344 | 45 | 4647484950

The New England School of Communications was the perfect school for me. Here, I could actually rent film equipment out like expensive library books, and make the movies that I’d been literally dreaming about since I was a kid. Of course, I didn’t think those ideas feasible back then, but thankfully, I made sure to at least jot them down in the moment!


In an effort to bolster my success, I took out some money against my retirement plan at EMMC and bought a brand new MacBook Pro laptop. And with the remainder of my student loans, I purchased the Final Cut Studio Suite (with the state-of-the-art Final Cut Pro 7), Microsoft Office 2010, and an Adobe Creative Suite that included Photoshop, Premiere, Illustrator, and many more.


I decided to spend the remnants of the student loans only if it was to better my studies during school and what better to spend my money on than the actual programs I would use in school? This way, I could maximize my time to work on assignments from home.

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Two Years of Sharing My Most Personal Details – My Cancer Story

I can’t believe it. The day that put me into overdrive has finally arrived. Today is exactly two years to the day since I began sharing My Cancer Story. I realized this day was swiftly approaching back in November of last year, and thus, I typed feverishly to finish the first draft of this autobiographical novel as fast as possible, even though this story never began as a book. Continue reading