Best Non-Animated Films! -We Need Movies Ep. 10

Can you even name six of these? The animated film has been around for almost a hundred years and Disney was one of the original propagators of the medium starting with their first feature length animated film, Snow White, in 1937.

Brandon and Jamie discuss the news of the week and those pesky Non-Disney animated films; the best, the worst, it’s all here!

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Brandon’s take on “Blue Steel”


This episode covers the week of July 5th-July 11th, 2016.

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-Jamie (@GuyOnAWire)

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Swiss Army Man’s TRUE MEANING #ConTENders 2016

There have been many films this year that I’ve been lucky enough to witness, both new and old, good and bad, at which I’ve stated: “I’ve never seen a film like this before;” and Swiss Army Man fits that bill to a T, and that is why the movie is definitely a #ConTENder for Top Ten of 2016.

I will get into SPOILERS pertaining to my theory of the film at THE END of this post. For now, I just want to talk about the film itself. But please ONLY read up until that point if you still haven’t seen the film.

Buy it today!

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