Here’s What You Should Know About Super Smash Bros. Switch

Okay, there has been a lot of discussion over the past two weeks regarding the surprise  – but inevitable – announcement of Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo Switch. Many have wondered if this new installment is just that, a new game or a Wii U/3DS enhanced port. Read on as to why this is most certainly a new game, what I’d like for game modes, and who WILL (and will NEVER) be a part of the newest roster of Super Smash Bros. Switch.

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My Cancer Story Ch. 19 “The One With The Starlight Foundation”

Chapter 19: The One With the Starlight Foundation”

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Ok, where’s that saw?

My legs were getting worse. I couldn’t stand up without that same unbearable pain shooting up and down my legs. I had to get into just the right position to be somewhat comfortable, even while hopped up on morphine.

I needed something to do; I was getting stir crazy and normal television wasn’t cutting it– hell even the PS2 wasn’t cutting it anymore. As much as I loved this new room, 864, there wasn’t anything to do.

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Chapter 5 “Imprisoned” SMASHED INTO OBLIVION -A Super Smash Bros. Fan Fiction Novella

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Smashed into Oblivion: A Novella by Jamie Gagnon



Whooooooo-wheeeeeEEEEEEE! A small wooden end table in a stone room rattled as an oversized gold key hopped about on its dark brown top.




Whoooooooooo-wheeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! The key shook violently on the table until it zipped off toward an unseen direction. The key tumbled and rolled in the air like a bicycle in a wind tunnel…


…that is until it sucked right into Kirby’s mouth. His eyes widened and his little stubby arms flapped as if he’s about to take flight. Continue reading

Chapter 4 “The King and I” SMASHED INTO OBLIVION -A Super Smash Bros. Fan Fiction Novella

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Smashed into Oblivion: A Novella by Jamie Gagnon


“The King and I”


Mario’s oversized nose (full of hidden hair), twitched at the incessant alarm. He rolled over and smacked the snooze button and turned back to his side. Instead of a bed of linen, however, he rested on a bed of grass, which rubbed up against his disproportioned nose. His nostrils again twitched but this time due to the allergen. Aaaa…. AAAAA-CHOOOO!

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Five Ways Super Mario Maker Needs to Change via Patches and DLC (MyIGN RePost)

Note: Originally Posted on MyIGN Blog September 19th, 2015

Now that I’ve been obsessively playing the fantastic level creating game Super Mario Maker for a week (now out for the Wii U), there are some things that I have noticed that should be there but aren’t- and things that in my mind, have to be included.

I’m here to discuss Five Things that SHOULD be included in future updates to the “Proof of the Wii U Gamepad’s Concept”, Super Mario Maker. Continue reading

Chapter 3 “3 RD (Really Determined) Party Members” SMASHED INTO OBLIVION -A Novella by Jamie Gagnon

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Smashed into Oblivion: A Novella by Jamie Gagnon


“3 RD (Really Determined) Party Members”

Mario flipped backfirst with a THUD onto a crisp, vibrant plateau with myriad vegetation. Little woodland creatures scurried to get away by him. He sat up, rubbed his back, and assessed his location. Where am I? The Mushroom Kingdom? He got on one knee and brought himself to his feet. Continue reading