That Christmas Morning Feeling…

I was catching up with a friend tonight, and another the night before; both times the topic of our futures was the hot subject.

I’m in a funk, have been for years. I thought being single would help that… I thought that a new job with better pay would help that… I thought breaking free from the monotony of my old job would help that…

The answer? Absolutely not. None of these measures truly alleviated the issue; they helped sure, but in the end, they’re all diversions, subtle ways in which to tell myself that I’m progressing.Read More »

Stasis = Death

I’m constantly reminded of myself and my surroundings that most of us live in a perpetual state of “Act One Syndrome.” What I’m referring to is the scriptwriting term Stasis = Death coined by the late Blake Snyder, writer of the Save the Cat! 

Now this book (along with the credibility of the author mentioned above), are much maligned in its effectiveness and validity in the screenwriting world. It is not my intention to prove or disprove the accusations, but today I will elaborate on the principles he has used in his scripts and tie them into the real-life observations I had made.Read More »