“What’s With the Name” -The Writer’s Mind

Sometimes I find myself wondering if anyone out there who reads this series asks: “What does The Writer’s Mind even mean?” Well the shortest answer is here. Which is just me explaining what it actually means.

But the title “The Writer’s Mind” leaves one to assume that either-

A. I’m pretentious as fuck since I didn’t call it A Writer’s Mind;Read More »

“Sonder” -The Writer’s Mind

Have you ever experienced: Sonder? This is the term coined by John Koenig as someone you may meet in your life, if only for a moment, that you may never see again. You become this small blip in their lives, such as a person passing by them in their car, or a background character you fixate on behind the person with which you are conversing as you formulate your thoughts in a café.

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