#1- The Rock – 52PickUp: A Fresh Pack

Well, here we go again. I’m back reviewing older films regarded in some circles as “classics” – only now – I’m watching films that I have never before seen. That’s right, all of these films I’ll be viewing in 2020 are completely new to me. Some of these guilty omissions will surprise you.

The goal of this experiment is to determine whether or not these films stand the test of time while also matching my preconceived notions regarding their plot. Time shifts memories of things, especially when I had only watched a trailer a few times as a kid.

So sit back, grab your favorite beverage, and welcome to…

The Rock.

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#52PickUp 2017- A Retrospective

Well shit, that was an interesting failure, huh?

I began the second year of revisiting childhood films, once per week NOT wanting to do it at all. The process of writing about each film was a chore and it wasn’t fun. I had held myself to it for 2016 because I had this newfound love of completing things. And yet, when I started 2017’s version, I had come across an equally strong hatred for the series.Read More »