Not Quite Hollywood Oscar Predictions 2017! – The List

UPDATED 2/26/17 at 10am PT with ALL THREE SHORT FILM Categories! (See bottom)

The Not Quite Hollywood Oscar Nominations for 2017 are here! We venture a guess for each category in the 89th Annual Academy Awards (Shorts categories coming soon).

(Please excuse the table format, Microsoft Word blows, and I was too far in when I realized how stupid I was to not use Excel).

Listen along (and hear why we chose these winners) in Episode 44 of Not Quite Hollywood.


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44- Oscar Predictions 2017!

The Trio ventures their best guesses as to who will walk away with the golden statue come February 26! Did we do alright?


Follow along with us as you watch the show! Click HERE to find out side-by-side predictions of whom we WANT to win, and whom we THINK will win. (Starts at 00:00)


2 Points for every correct guess, 1 point for every WANT that wins.


Then Jamie discusses his #52PickUp movie this week: Suburban Commando. Does it hold up in any way? (Starts at 54:35)

Listen here.

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Oscar Predictions 2016

My friends and I always predict the Oscar nominations every year, and boy oh boy is this one a doozy! Firstly, I don’t see any harsh snubs (aside from the entire black race), although as I reminisce on the year in films, I’ll undoubtedly come up with a fe– Ex Machina! Of course! That should have been nominated for Best Picture for sure, as it’s one of my Top 15 of the year. (The Next Morning–) Oh! and Sarah Silverman in I Smile Back! What the hell?!

AND, how about some of the cast from Straight Outta Compton? Ice Cube Jr. is essentially killing it as his Dad.

Now, these are my first impulse predictions of the winners.

1/2 a point if it’s one I wanted to win, a full point if I called it.

To read: The ITALICS are the films I think should win, and the BOLD are the films I believe that will win.Read More »