Colin, My Boy

*For context: Colin Moriarty recently left Kinda Funny to produce his own video content for his first love: Politics and History. I recently mentioned him on the blog here: The Glossary of an Adult.



When I first heard you on Beyond in 2010, I despised you. I rolled my eyes whenever your voice appeared. But as I listened, I grew fond of your honesty and insight. So, I took a long and hard look at myself as to why I would react in such a way, and I had to admit that I was wrong. I misjudged you. 

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Walk a Mile in My (old, worn out) Shoes

This will get a little political, but bare with me.

As I mentioned before, I work in a job that doesn’t support me either financially or creatively. If it would support me enough in either regard, then it might be a reason to want to stay.

And I understand that my job as a kitchen worker for a local hospital isn’t something that should offer me either one of these important pieces of a happy workplace, but I understand that. It’s a low-end job, and they haven’t had a cost-of-living wage increase since 2008.

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