The Force Awakens Spoiler Discussion

By now most of you have seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens. After this writing, I’ll be heading into my second showing. But I wanted to talk the story and the implications therein. So if you HAVE seen the movie please discuss below!

So from here on out… SPOILERS FOLLOW!

UPDATE after second viewing Below!Read More »

If I Were a Kid For the Force Awakens…

Growing up I never had a plan and certainly wasn’t one to change my desired profession willy-nilly from firefighter to astronaut like most young boys; I just lived day to day.

One without ambition has to wind up without success, right? This is the way we were taught. My father was and still is a master diesel mechanic, oft-explained by a few peers, much like Luke Skywalker amongst once great Jedi. But that kind of job never appealed to me, and it isn’t the fact that it’s dirty, hands-on work, but it’s a job with a plain ceiling.Read More »