My Favorite Music of All Time (Current)

To garner awareness for the music that I love (with what little platform I have through this blog), I’ve decided to share my favorite bands and musicians of all time (the current list).

That bit at the end there is both a joke and true. Our musical tastes evolve over time, akin to our physical receptors like tastebuds.

Now a few things to note:

1. I’ve included links to iTunes for each band, but do your best to buy these records as LPs or CDs. They’ll sound so much better.

2. The bands or their notable songs are mostly in order.

3. You are guaranteed NOT to agree with all of these.

So without further ado, here are my favorite bands of all time. 

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My Trip to See Little Dragon in Boston 6/3/15 (Part 1)

I’m a huge fan of Little Dragon. Ever since their guest appearance on the Gorillaz album Plastic Beach (song “Empire Ants”) I fell in love with Yukimi Nagano’s voice. After researching the band, I immediately purchased all of their music.

My brother and I were lucky enough to see them last June in New York City. It was a fantastic show as they are some of the best live performers around. They aren’t afraid to change up the arrangements or tempo of their songs. The natural flow that results is the stuff of dreams.

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