Kong: Skull Island – We Need Movies Review

Jamie watched Kong: Skull Island! What were his thoughts? Does he swear in this video? How’s his shot composition? Does his video cut out? Yikes, really?!

Well, at least his hair isn’t terrible this time… and it’s in focus.

NOTE: Minor plot points and references discussed!

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13- “Dirty Work” #52PickUp

The hardest thing to differentiate between, even more difficult than the question “Which child do you love more?”, is nostalgia and comedy. Was it funny because you were dumb and young or was it truly funny? And how would people react if they saw it today?

This month, I’m revisiting some of my favorite comedies as a kid. First up, we have the hilarious (?) 1998 film:




Comedies speak to the audience of that precise moment in time. Call it decadal humor, but people’s tastes change… slowly. LIKE MY COMPUTER RIGHT NOW. Read More »

10 Cloverfield Lane Spoiler Discussion

I just came from watching 10 Cloverfield Lane (Read that how you want). I was super excited for this film, as I liked the first film immensely, and loved the marketing campaign. I mean to announce a film TWO MONTHS before its release these days is an insurmountable achievement. And that trailer… well needless to say it made me excited.

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