“Captain America: Civil War” #ConTENders

So I’m not going to lie here, Captain America: Civil War was a bit of a letdown. I suppose I didn’t expect it to be the best film in the series, and certainly of the past decade (I’m looking at you Michael Campbell), but I still enjoyed the film quite a bit.


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18- “Avengers” #52PickUp

Originally, the #52PickUp was only going to feature movies that meant something to me as a filmmaker, or solidified my particular tastes when it came to the medium. When I compiled my list late last year, I found that a lot of the films mentioned were more recent ones; and I had wanted more of my childhood/early teens represented.

So I took a lot of the recent ones like Inception out. But there is one recent one that I’d like to discuss due to its impact and resonance on some of my favorite types of events: Crossovers.

…And of course due to the imminent release of Captain America: Civil War (or as I like to call it, Avengers 2.5).

But here is the first Big Daddy of crossover events:


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68 Characters in Avengers: Infinity War?!

ANOTHER UPDATE: Apparently, not! It is now 68 characters and will be updated accordingly.


UPDATE: It appears the figure was taken out of context and was exacerbated (on the internet?!), but this list still stands.


Original Story: Easy… Insane, but easy. I’ll tell you how. Yesterday, Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War directors Anthony and Joe Russo let it slip that the third Avengers movie (which will be split into two parts), will have a whopping sixty-seven character featured in it.Read More »