62- Cinematic Universes Full of Video Games and Twenty Questions!

Mike Moran guest stars on this episode! Listen as the boys talk about Movie Universes, Video Game Adaptations, and Play a Game (or two) of Twenty Questions!

Jamie– Movie Universes (Starts at 00:00)

Mike– Video Game to Film Adaptations (20:50)

Twenty Questions! [Video Game] (48:47)

Twenty Questions! [Film] (53:17)

#52PickUp– Harry and the Hendersons (57:12)

Tim’s Communal Movie (1:03:49)

Plugs and Close (1:04:12)

Listen here.

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-Jamie (@GuyOnAWire)

23_Harry and the Hendersons_New52

The Glossary of an Adult

As I’ve bolstered my vocabulary exponentially over the past ten years, I’ve discovered that it is through the podcast medium from which my lexicon has benefited the most.

I’ve learned myriad words from many a podcast: Scriptnotes, Filmspotting, Good Job, Brain, and most notably from the Kinda Funny gang. Between Colin’s deep appreciation of the English language and Greg’s history in journalism and hosting, I’ve been able to see the forest through the trees.Read More »

F My Nursehole- “The Writer’s Mind”

First off, yeah, dirty title. But go on Youtube and search for that (somehow on the second page of results). It’s been a secret keyword for all of The Guttersnipes videos ever since I’d posted the very first one. It’s also my first mention on the podcast Game Scoop! (here’s the story) in which I told my Knockin Boots tale that led to that phrase.

Ok, now onto the newest Writer’s Mind. On second thought, that title may have been a huuuge stretch. Read More »