I’m Back at it – The Whole60

I’ve been slacking. Ever since February 6th when I conquered the Whole30 process and lost twenty pounds(!) I had never felt better… Until I’d resumed eating like I had used to before I began the food experiment. Granted, again, I ate largely the same way as the diet suggests, but I ate more carbs and drank more alcohol. During the Whole30, I discovered that I can’t stand the taste of milk anymore, sugar messes with me, and carbs are not my friend.

What’s worse, is that after the conclusion of the Whole30, my energy levels dropped precipitously, and I knew that to feel the way I want to feel (normal), I’d have to maintain the Whole30 lifestyle. So here I am again, except this time, it’s the Whole60.

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The Whole30 Wrap-Up

This post is long overdue*. I have been working more days on 9-1-1 then ALL of my other television work combined. I’m incredibly grateful for that, but after I get home, my mind is spent, and I typically pass out within minutes of entering the front door. Usually on the floor or the couch. Heck, even one time, I fell asleep while brushing my teeth, and I didn’t get a single drop of toothpaste on me!

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