74- Rotten Tomatoes Ruined My Marketing Campaign!

Jamie and Alex sit down to debate whether promotional pop-up events and Rotten Tomatoes scores actually work. Then, they delve into the #52PickUp of the week, the oddly charming 1997 sci-fi comedy: Rocketman.

Jamie– The IT House Experience in Hollywood [and the effectiveness of PR stunts/events] (Starts at 00:00)

Alex– Rotten Tomatoes is Bullshit (14:22)

#52PickUp #35– Rocketman (26:04)

Alex Announces His Communal Film! (29:53)

Plugs and Close (31:30)

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Jamie “Stressin’ on the American Horror Story set

Average Joe’s Drive-In Podcast

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-Jamie (@GuyOnAWire)


“Storm of Ages: Nightmare” A Novel by Elizabeth Jalbert” -The Writer’s Mind Interview #1

How many fantasy book series can you count on your fingers? I bet you’d need a hand, literally, perhaps even two or three or more hands to account for myriad prolific sagas of swords, sorcery, and science fiction.

From modern hits like Harry Potter and The Hunger Games, to the classic series’ such as The Lord of the Rings enjoying rejuvenated life, fantasy is bigger than ever.

But what’s better than all of these celebrated works of fiction is the excitement of what’s to come via the new generation of writers. In my new off-shoot of the series The Writer’s Mind, I’ve decided it would be best to ask other writer’s how their thought processes play out, what they daydream of, and what their hopes and aspirations are.Read More »