I Secretly Flew Over 3,000 Miles to Surprise My Family

Click through to hear the story of how it all came together and see each reaction from my brother & his fiancé, my Dad & stepmom, my Mom, my Goddaughter, and my Dad’s side of the family including my Memére.

Just make sure to have a tissue ready.

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The Wayward Traveler Chronicles Day 6

“The Wayward Traveler Chronicles” will be a series of journal entries recording my trip across the country from Maine to California.

This day was the weirdest one for me yet. I wasn’t just “visiting” my friends and family, this time I was moving west. I’d been to Portland, saw friends both old and new, then went to Boston to spend some leisurely time with even more, and then saw my family in Connecticut, but this was the first day I had no more visits. It was do or die.

I thought about this notion in the shower this morning. I woke up to see the kids off for once (instead of sleeping well past their departure times). I set my alarm for six, and wouldn’t you know it? I woke up!

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The Wayward Traveler Chronicles Day 4

“The Wayward Traveler Chronicles” will be a series of journal entries recording my trip across the country from Maine to California.

Day Four of the trip, and Day Two in Connecticut, I awoke way too late. Kylie and Connor had been up for five hours and she was ready to grocery shop.

Off we went to the WALMART NEIGHBORHOOD GROCERY?! That’s a thing? Yes, Wal-Mart had some stores where it was identical to a Hannaford or Stop and Shop; no department store items, just grocery.Read More »

My Cancer Story Ch. 3 “The First Day of Chemo”

Chapter 3: The First Day of Chemo

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Saturday approached faster than I had expected. The future always seems so far away until it sticks you right in your android chest receptacle, er– Port-a-cath.


They had to hydrate my blood first, so I had been on a steady drip of saline for the past few days. It is true what they say: when they first push the saline through it goes right to your taste buds. It’s disgusting, like gargling seawater laced with a medical “after smell.” At least it was for me.


At that moment I was reminded that I had never been hospitalized before; no pneumonia, bad fever, or any broken legs for that matter–

Well, I did break my wrist once in third grade, but I wasn’t hospitalized. It was a stupid mistake…

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