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First, I must state for those of you who do not know me: I’m white. I’ve lived in a middle class setting for most of my life, and for many reasons, I’ve struggled in that life. But I cannot even begin to comprehend the discrimination, hatred, and racism the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) have endured over the past several hundred years. My point in this post is to equate a striking revelation I had while out on the street today. It’s not meant to ignore the situation, but it’s about how we, as a society, have become cavalier about racial bias in this country. Most importantly, it’s not enough.

Silent solidarity isn’t going to cut it anymore.

We need to enact change so that our “new normal” post-COVID includes a revolution on how we treat the BIPOC.

On the street today, a woman in yoga pants and a sports bra chatted with two men on the street. Her husky laid at her feet, with striking blue eyes, panting happily in the shade. They likely went for a run, and the poor pup sure needed the rest. I didn’t hear the specifics of the conversation, but it was one of a friendly manner. They spoke in length about something. They all shared a smile as they chatted. They candor was that of people on the same level.

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N64- Our Morning Podcast Thing With Kevin

We should have used this episode for video game movies… Oh well! This episode is amazing nevertheless! We talk films that changed directors, movies based on existing television shows, and the topic that is most like a David Copperfield “Magic Through the TV Act.” Special Guest, Comedian, Actor, and Writer, Kevin Masterson, joins us to read our casting types based on our initial look.

For reference, here are our photos for the second topic: Kevin | Jamie | Alex

Setting the Tone (Starts at 00:00)

Alex– Films that Changed Directors During Shooting (7:04)

Okja (18:04)

The Working Actor’s Workshop Thing With Kevin Masterson (20:22)

Films Made From TV Shows (43:14)

#52PickUp– The Addams Family (55:14)

Plugs and Close (1:03:27)

WE PITCH A STEFAN MOVIE [Bill Hader contact us!] (1:09:59)

Alex’s Communal Movie ANNOUNCED! (1:14:11)

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