The End of #52PickUp 2017?

I began the #52PickUp series as a way to get in touch with my roots – into why I wanted to be a filmmaker – and so, I designed this neat way to revisit the movies that shaped my tastes and in actuality; me. I thought it would be fun to see how these films would hold up against my current interests. Truth be told, it was fun…


…For a little while.


Firstly, I had noticed that the view counts weren’t what I expected them to be– not that view counts were all that I cared about, but when some of the posts still have yet to receive a single read… it can be rather disheartening.

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19- “Bio-Dome” #52PickUp 2017

*Note: This is the LAST #52PickUp post. To see how the series will live on click here.


The 90s was an important decade to my generation if only for the simple fact that it shined a light upon the polluting ways of the world. And media reflected that message of hope and climate change reversal in the form of many things, namely, Captain Planet. But since they didn’t make a movie for that, I watched the 1996 “eco-friendly comedy:”

Bio-Dome Poster

Bio-Dome. I remembered loving this film. Pauly Shore was on fire in these few years with the likes of Encino Man, Son-in-Law, A Goofy Movie, Jury Duty, and In the Army NowBio-Dome was the last of this storied run.

Wonder why
Reason? Exhibit A: The “infamous” fart scene.

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58- Crushes, Sex, and Porn Parodies


*Listener Discretion is Advised…

It’s another theme episode! The guys ruminate on their first on-screen crushes, then look into their favorite sex scenes in film and finally have a good post-coital laugh with classic porn parody names of Blockbuster films.


— First Movie Crushes (Starts at 1:51)

— Memorable Sex Scenes (10:13)

— Funny Porn Parody Names (21:24)

#52PickUp #19– Bio-Dome (25:08)

Alex’s Communal Film Announced! (27:13)

Plugs and Close (28:07)

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