We Need Movies- BRANDON’s Top Ten of 2016!

It’s finally here (and he didn’t even see them all)! Brandon unveils his picks for the Top Ten movies of 2016.

What did he pick? He really put that film that high?! Do you agree? Find out below!

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19- *Now Featuring Chris Hemsworth Shirtless!

We have our first guest! For two episodes, Joel Crabtree guests as we discuss some very interesting films!

(Note: We will NOT be discussing House, that’ll be on episode 21).


Joel– Little Men (Starts at 00:00)

August– Coffee and Cigarettes (18:10)

Jamie– Ghostbusters [2016] (34:06)

Naturally SPOILERS for each film ahead!

Each odd-numbered episode we talk specific films, and each even-numbered episode we discuss topics regarding Hollywood and the things we’re passionate about (either way).

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And finally, see what Jamie looks like (hint: not so good) at his other project: We Need Movies.

-Jamie (@GuyOnAWire)

15- “Kingpin” #52PickUp

As Comedy Month continues on #52PickUp, I watch one of my favorite comedies from the Farrelly Brothers:


Kingpin. That’s right. If you’re debating the validity of this film in the Farrelly Brothers pantheon, then either A: You haven’t seen this; or B. You don’t remember their top-loaded “pantheon” as I do.

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