My Top Ten Films of 2017

Another late Top Ten list, but I wanted to watch as many potential #ConTENders as possible before I made my final tally. Then, I found myself with more work in television than ever before. And yet, I STILL missed some big films. But, we will get into that soon enough. Catch up with my Top 15 of 2015, and my Top Ten of 2016 if you’d like.

First–Read More »

Oscars 2017 REACTIONS!

Holy shit! What happened, Price Waterhouse Coopers?! This is what happens when you don’t stroll out with your suitcases and announce that you’ve double checked and sealed each result!

This is a quick reaction, and is random and funny. Stay tuned for Thursday’s regularly scheduled programming.

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-Jamie (@GuyOnAWire)

Oscar Predictions 2016

My friends and I always predict the Oscar nominations every year, and boy oh boy is this one a doozy! Firstly, I don’t see any harsh snubs (aside from the entire black race), although as I reminisce on the year in films, I’ll undoubtedly come up with a fe– Ex Machina! Of course! That should have been nominated for Best Picture for sure, as it’s one of my Top 15 of the year. (The Next Morning–) Oh! and Sarah Silverman in I Smile Back! What the hell?!

AND, how about some of the cast from Straight Outta Compton? Ice Cube Jr. is essentially killing it as his Dad.

Now, these are my first impulse predictions of the winners.

1/2 a point if it’s one I wanted to win, a full point if I called it.

To read: The ITALICS are the films I think should win, and the BOLD are the films I believe that will win.Read More »

Top 15 Films of 2015

If you were ask me tomorrow at 5:00pm what was my favorite movie of 2015, I’d tell you a different answer rather than if you had waited until after supper. 2015 was that close for me, and ended up being one fantastic year for cinema, yet only was half expected. For my friend Brandon and I, the build up to the year was epic. Then as the year progressed, we kind of felt let down. Some of the big films didn’t hit that well, but as the dust settled… 2015 was a really fantastic year.

And honestly, I could have put almost every one of these films in the top three. These were the fifteen films that I truly loved.

I’d decided to wait until I was able to catch a few extra films that were released in 2015 and so only now, was I able to compile my Top 15 Films of 2015. Yes Top Fifteen. My initial list was 13, and as I struggled to pare it down, the aforementioned friend, Brandon, told me he was to make a Top 15…

…so screw it, it’ll make it easier, right?


Now I must stress, as I had mentioned before in my Top 20 Films of the #DLMChallenge that the two lists are dissimilar. This list is a collection of both the caliber of the films and how they impacted me.

So it may surprise you. But first–Read More »

New Series: ConTENders of 2016

The #DLMChallenge also made me want to slow down and take my time reviewing each film from 2015 with a calculated examination.

The result is another film series called stupidly enough #ConTENders. These will be the films of 2016 that may make my Top 10 list at the end of the year. (It could have been much worse, I almost called it #Con10ders).

There will be no limit to these reviews, and at the end of the year, I will recount the Top 10 Films of 2016 in a summary post.

Simple enough, yes?

-Jamie (@GuyOnAWire)

Keep up with which films may make my Top 10 of 2016 by clicking here.

#ConTENders is the second new series of three that I will be writing this year. It’s pacing will be wholly dependent on the amount of 2016 films I see and of course when I see them. Does the name suck? Or is it at least better than #Con10ders? I know that’s true. Comment below.


“Independence Day: Resurgence” Hits All of My Interests

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 12.30.56 PM

****UPDATE 4/22/16– TRAILER #2****


Growing up I had been an immense fan of the movie Independence Day. The scale of the attack, the large talented cast, and the seamless blending of both types of special effects: CGI and Practical– All of this was what made this film so special (and lucrative), and what launched Roland Emmerich‘s career of blockbuster disaster movies. Whether that’s a good thing or not… I’ll let you decide.

So when I sat down to finally watch the trailer for the oft-delayed sequel Independence Day: Resurgence, I was taken back to my childhood. What I didn’t expect however, was the lore that they’ve constructed around the first movie.Read More »