The Pokémon Go Virus Has Infected Us All

My name is Jamie Gagnon and I’m an addict.


When I first purchased a 3DS (very late in the game; 2014), I was obsessed with Streetpass. The mere notion of “collecting” other 3DS users and using their characters in the games in a “free-to-start” type gameplay style (as Nintendo dubs it), was an intriguing mechanic that kept me running back and forth between al of the McDonald’s in the area and our local Best Buy in an attempt to get all of the Streetpass achievements and respective coins I could possibly acquire.

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Best Horror Movie Sequels- We Need Movies Ep. 7

Jamie and Brandon discuss the week that was, and delve into the best second films in Horror. Which makes the cut? Find out below.


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This episode covers the week of June 6th-June 14th, 2016.

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