9- Learn From Where We Stole Our Name!

It’s all out on the table this episode folks. John comes up with an idea for a Fourth Austin Powers film, August cheats and does two films, and Jamie learns where we stole our podcast name from! All this and more for today we each discuss:

Jamie- Austin Powers (Starts at 00:00)

August cheats and does TWO!   Faust (17:54) and Alien (23:37)

John- Not Quite Hollywood (34:56)

SPOILERS for each film, FYI!

Each odd-numbered episode we talk specific films, and each even-numbered episode we discuss topics regarding Hollywood and the things we’re passionate about (either way).

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-Jamie (@GuyOnAWire)


10 Cloverfield Lane Spoiler Discussion

I just came from watching 10 Cloverfield Lane (Read that how you want). I was super excited for this film, as I liked the first film immensely, and loved the marketing campaign. I mean to announce a film TWO MONTHS before its release these days is an insurmountable achievement. And that trailer… well needless to say it made me excited.

Then I watched it. SPOILERS… Seriously, no turning back now.Read More »