13- “Dirty Work” #52PickUp

The hardest thing to differentiate between, even more difficult than the question “Which child do you love more?”, is nostalgia and comedy. Was it funny because you were dumb and young or was it truly funny? And how would people react if they saw it today?

This month, I’m revisiting some of my favorite comedies as a kid. First up, we have the hilarious (?) 1998 film:




Comedies speak to the audience of that precise moment in time. Call it decadal humor, but people’s tastes change… slowly. LIKE MY COMPUTER RIGHT NOW. Read More »

My #DLMChallenge Top 20

Parring down this massive list of 368 movies into my favorite list of just ten is a scary thought. So I determined that I would have to do at least a Top 20.

Naturally, I’ve removed the ability for the #ReWatch365 movies to make this list. This is truly my favorite of the new movies I’ve seen this year.

I will make a separate Top 10 for the movies released in 2015, and those will be based on the quality and my personal tastes (coming soon).

In an attempt to differentiate from the 2015 Best Of list, this list will feature the movies that really spoke to me, ones that gave me a feeling that permeated quality, and filled me with personal substance. Yeah, intense.

But first, here are some Honorable Mentions from the #DLMChallenge 2015 (The ones in bold nearly made the list):Read More »