New Film Series: #52Pick-Up

After the success of my #DLMChallenge where I watched #365Movies in #365Days, I’ve come to realize that while I’m proud to have seen 368 films [some amazing, some atrocious], it took way too much time; especially the #DLMChallenge individual blog entries (Yeah, no, I didn’t finish those…).

So now for 2016, I’m going to write a new, more succinct series. This series is called #52Pick-Up. In this series, I’ll watch one movie a week. This movie will be one that I have already seen, and one that has shaped my love of movies.

This will also mean that these films may not all be gems, in fact, most will be sci-fi films of all caliber.


After re-watching these childhood favorites, I will recap the movie’s plot, rate it, then ask a series of questions such as:

Where/when did I first see it?

How did it hold up over the years?

What did I like about them and why?

And finally, Lessons Learned? Examples: What did I learn regarding the filmmaking production, Hollywood, or myself from this film?


For a tease of my first film in this series…. Stay Tuned.

-Jamie (@GuyOnAWire)


#52Pick-Up is the first of THREE new series on this blog, and the most frequent. What are your thoughts? Any at all to share? Comment below. Be sure to follow me as well for more on the series up ahead.

My #DLMChallenge Top 20

Parring down this massive list of 368 movies into my favorite list of just ten is a scary thought. So I determined that I would have to do at least a Top 20.

Naturally, I’ve removed the ability for the #ReWatch365 movies to make this list. This is truly my favorite of the new movies I’ve seen this year.

I will make a separate Top 10 for the movies released in 2015, and those will be based on the quality and my personal tastes (coming soon).

In an attempt to differentiate from the 2015 Best Of list, this list will feature the movies that really spoke to me, ones that gave me a feeling that permeated quality, and filled me with personal substance. Yeah, intense.

But first, here are some Honorable Mentions from the #DLMChallenge 2015 (The ones in bold nearly made the list):Read More »

ALL 368 #DLMChallenge Titles!!

The #DLMChallenge for me was to either catch up on the amazing films I’d missed over the years, or to see the ones I tossed aside; the ones where I say: “Eh, maybe later.” Thankfully the list is filled more with the former than the latter.

This was an arduous task. Most days I didn’t think I’d make it. But I did! 368 films in all!

Scroll Down below for the entire list and at the end, I’ll tell you how many hours total I’ve watched films this year… But first some superlatives: Read More »

78- #DLMChallenge “They Live”

For #78 of the #DLMChallenge #365moviesin365days on May 8th I watched: They Live.

This is one of those films that holds up amazingly well over the years even though at the time, it didn’t appear to have any legs.

They Live is a social commentary of the news-media and popular culture’s stranglehold on the population’s attention. And that trend is alarmingly more pronounced in today’s “always-connected” lifestyle.

Read More »