My Top Ten Films of 2017

Another late Top Ten list, but I wanted to watch as many potential #ConTENders as possible before I made my final tally. Then, I found myself with more work in television than ever before. And yet, I STILL missed some big films. But, we will get into that soon enough. Catch up with my Top 15 of 2015, and my Top Ten of 2016 if you’d like.

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#52PickUp 2017- A Retrospective

Well shit, that was an interesting failure, huh?

I began the second year of revisiting childhood films, once per week NOT wanting to do it at all. The process of writing about each film was a chore and it wasn’t fun. I had held myself to it for 2016 because I had this newfound love of completing things. And yet, when I started 2017’s version, I had come across an equally strong hatred for the series. Continue reading

The Disaster Artist #ConTENders 2017

During one of my many days working as a Production Assistant on American Horror Story, another PA asked everyone an informal poll question: What’s most important to you? A lot of people said family, financial security, or love. My answer was the same reason I came out to Los Angeles in the first place: happiness. Thousands of people come here every year in hopes of attaining happiness and The Disaster Artist, is about Tommy Wiseau’s version of that: The American Dream.

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My Gameplan for the Rest of 2017

You know amidst the ever-flowing changes of life, some things take a backseat. And while these changes can be inexplicably altering, they too can prohibit one from properly expressing his or her self in their typical way.

If you haven’t heard already, I’ve been working on a television show. Many of my readers are people I know and so to the dozens of you, this comes as no surprise. But to those of you who may only know me from this blog, I have been neglecting you… and myself. Continue reading

19- “Bio-Dome” #52PickUp 2017

*Note: This is the LAST #52PickUp post. To see how the series will live on click here.


The 90s was an important decade to my generation if only for the simple fact that it shined a light upon the polluting ways of the world. And media reflected that message of hope and climate change reversal in the form of many things, namely, Captain Planet. But since they didn’t make a movie for that, I watched the 1996 “eco-friendly comedy:”

Bio-Dome Poster

Bio-Dome. I remembered loving this film. Pauly Shore was on fire in these few years with the likes of Encino Man, Son-in-Law, A Goofy Movie, Jury Duty, and In the Army NowBio-Dome was the last of this storied run.

Wonder why

Reason? Exhibit A: The “infamous” fart scene.

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52- #52PickUp and We Play A Game!

This week is interesting. Alex and I are hoping to be joined by Tim as I promised last week. Will he show?


We discuss the history of my #52PickUp webseries, how I came up with the idea, how I decided on which films to watch, and test Alex’s viewing prowess with these classic (and not-so classic) films.


Then we discuss my newest entry in 2017’s #52PickUp: Waterworld.

See all of my current films in the #52PickUp Series, and which ones I watched last year.

And finally, we play a game that you too can play! I ripped it straight from a podcast that I listen to, who, in turn, stole it from a radio show!


#52PickUp: The Shameless Topic! (Starts at 00:00)

#52PickUp– Waterworld (20:39)

Alex’s Jason and Deb’s IMDb Game (30:23)

Plugs and Close (45:02)

Listen here.

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