Captain America and Death

I recently shared the newest Captain America: Civil War trailer released today (3/10) via a Facebook post simply titled: “Dear God.”Read More »

Chapter 5 “Imprisoned” SMASHED INTO OBLIVION -A Super Smash Bros. Fan Fiction Novella

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Smashed into Oblivion: A Novella by Jamie Gagnon



Whooooooo-wheeeeeEEEEEEE! A small wooden end table in a stone room rattled as an oversized gold key hopped about on its dark brown top.




Whoooooooooo-wheeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! The key shook violently on the table until it zipped off toward an unseen direction. The key tumbled and rolled in the air like a bicycle in a wind tunnel…


…that is until it sucked right into Kirby’s mouth. His eyes widened and his little stubby arms flapped as if he’s about to take flight.Read More »

Oscar Predictions 2016

My friends and I always predict the Oscar nominations every year, and boy oh boy is this one a doozy! Firstly, I don’t see any harsh snubs (aside from the entire black race), although as I reminisce on the year in films, I’ll undoubtedly come up with a fe– Ex Machina! Of course! That should have been nominated for Best Picture for sure, as it’s one of my Top 15 of the year. (The Next Morning–) Oh! and Sarah Silverman in I Smile Back! What the hell?!

AND, how about some of the cast from Straight Outta Compton? Ice Cube Jr. is essentially killing it as his Dad.

Now, these are my first impulse predictions of the winners.

1/2 a point if it’s one I wanted to win, a full point if I called it.

To read: The ITALICS are the films I think should win, and the BOLD are the films I believe that will win.Read More »