Week Seven Recap (Cravings) – #Whole60

This week my cravings hit an all-time high. I had never wanted a beer or a taco in my life as much as I do right now. Cravings are a weird feeling. Once you kick sugar from your system with the Whole30 Food Experiment, you rarely have these urges. In fact, you’re able to parse out if your “hunger” is real famishment or just a craving.

Then, of course, a craving can also be tied to a feeling. If you used to get tacos and beer with your buddies, then maybe you unconsciously yearn to replicate that experience Ironically, I never think of the bad times such as when I was “drunk” after one beer because my head and sinuses inflamed, or my vision blurred.

Another symptom, to which I’d bear witness, could derive from the Belgium Waffel Truck at work. If I indulged in succulent grains and sugar, I’d feel inflamed, and my stomach would churn with the hatred of a thousand sons (I like this spelling better in this context).

But perhaps worst of all is when I get brain fog. This is without a doubt the worst symptom of unhealthy eating and the biggest reason why I tried the Whole30 in the first place. If I don’t eat enough fat and instead, eat other sorts of junk, then I have the hardest time staying sharp at work or behind the keyboard.

It seems that when I truly let my inhibitions go in life, and enjoy something, the universe stands to correct it by making me feel like shit. I suppose I’m to be taught a lesson in balance.

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-April 25th — 209.2 lbs.

-May 2nd — 206.4 lbs.

-Tuesday, May 8th: 202.6 lbs.

-Wednesday, May 16th: 199.2

-Wednesday, May 23rd: 199.6

-Tuesday, May 29th: 198.6.

-Wednesday, June 6th: 200.0

-Wednesday, June 13th: 199.6

Stagnant once more, but I’m feeling fine, and that’s all that matters!

Until next week!

-Jamie (@GuyOnAWire)

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