Whole30 Days Twenty-Three to Thirty

Talk about falling behind, huh? Read about my whole last week on Whole30:

So what can I say? I’ve been swamped with days on television shows, and I love it. This means that some things fall by the wayside, and my daily posts about my food intake were the first to go.

Yet, here we are, ready to rectify that!


Same breakfast, same enjoyment.

I rarely get tired of food, and I almost NEVER had cravings during this Whole30 Food Experiment, but both were happening during the last week. However, what materialized in its place was a fear that the foods I used to love would cause me harm and newfound disdain for my old ways of eating were combating the cravings. I was ready to try foods, but I wanted to keep my overall eating habits as is. I FELT great; why ruin a good thing?

I love LA Sunsets… from sets.

Catering was predictable, but I still enjoyed the food, and my new perspective on food mainly as a source of sustenance (and not a decadent event), reimagined my relationship with food.


We shot in Pacific Palisades! What a view!

Food choices were limited, but I still loved my job! I mean, I get to work on television shows in Hollywood. I am constantly in awe of that fact.


I planned on finishing the Whole30 before the Super Bowl. This way, I could try something off-diet like chips or alcohol. But since I had to restart and my 30 days now overlapped with the event, I needed to devise a Whole30 friendly dish for myself during the “Big Game.”

I found a recipe online for a Buffalo Chicken Dip (many thanks, LifeInTheGreenhouse.com!!) and modified it to my liking. Here’s my variation:

Serve with Celery and Carrots!

Or you can repurpose it like I did the following day and make Buffalo Chicken Dip Stuffed Peppers!


Some days, you run out of eggs and bacon for breakfast. Then, you forage for nuts and berries like a squirrel readying for a long winter:


And finally, if you haven’t tried Hemp Hearts yet, they are 100% Whole30-friendly, and they are great for eating straight or sprinkling on anything to add a nutrient-dense, sunflower seed flavor to any dish:


Anyway, that’s it! Look for my other post to see what foods I tried first POST-Whole30 and for my thoughts on the entire 30-Day reset!

-Jamie (@GuyOnAWire)

Jamie writes about himself a lot. Yeah, he knows that can be irritating, but he hopes that people can learn from his mistakes, like when he had cancer and waited too long to chase his dream. Learn more about his battle with Leukemia (AML) in his on-going first draft of his book here.

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