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New Film Series: #52Pick-Up

After the success of my #DLMChallenge where I watched #365Movies in #365Days, I’ve come to realize that while I’m proud to have seen 368 films [some amazing, some atrocious], it took way too much time; especially the #DLMChallenge individual blog entries (Yeah, no, I didn’t finish those…).

So now for 2016, I’m going to write a new, more succinct series. This series is called #52Pick-Up. In this series, I’ll watch one movie a week. This movie will be one that I have already seen, and one that has shaped my love of movies.

This will also mean that these films may not all be gems, in fact, most will be sci-fi films of all caliber.


After re-watching these childhood favorites, I will recap the movie’s plot, rate it, then ask a series of questions such as:

Where/when did I first see it?

How did it hold up over the years?

What did I like about them and why?

And finally, Lessons Learned? Examples: What did I learn regarding the filmmaking production, Hollywood, or myself from this film?


For a tease of my first film in this series…. Stay Tuned.

-Jamie (@GuyOnAWire)


#52Pick-Up is the first of THREE new series on this blog, and the most frequent. What are your thoughts? Any at all to share? Comment below. Be sure to follow me as well for more on the series up ahead.

3 comments on “New Film Series: #52Pick-Up

  1. Sarah Frick says:

    This sounds like a really awesome idea!! I can’t wait to hear about the films you see!

    Liked by 1 person

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